You are not alone… We are thousands!!!


…Y entonces me encontré lejos de casa, buscando un sueño perdido, mire a mi alrededor y encontré una ciudad distante y desconocida, su lengua, su gente, sus costumbres y sus prácticas me hacían extrañar fuertemente a mi familia, mi mundo lejano… y de pronto una mano amiga, una voz familiar estremeció mi corazón, me encontré acompañado, inmerso en un Refugio de Esperanza que no solo me recordó mi origen si no también el coraje necesario para cumplir mi sueño.


Referral services

We refer people to external support agencies or organisations for a range of matters including medical, legal, migration, financial, housing, mental health, welfare and financial issues.

Buddy Program

It’s a program designed for newly arrived international students / migrants and the established members of melbourne’s latin american community. They will form pairs and the established members provide advice, support and guidance during the life style adjustment in Australia.



Emergency & crisis support

We provide emergency support to people who are facing personal struggles and adversity and do not have the skills, knowledge or cultural understanding necessary to overcome them.

General community awareness activities

We participate in public events and community activities with the aim of promoting Refuge of Hope and our services. Activities include exhibitions or displays at community events, and presentations to international students at universities and other education institutions.


Community connectedness & social cohesion

We connect new arrivals with the community and help them to form supportive friendships by organising regular activities and events such as picnics, dinners and excursions.

Latin American Students Skill Development Program

This program is designed for our Latin American students/migrants, who will gain hands on skills and experience. Local businesses and professional expert volunteers will provide a temporary local experience, and assit all participants to develop and enlarge their professional network.



Welcoming Activities

We assist new Latin American students in their settlement process and help them get around Melbourne. We introduce them to the Australian culture, help them building social connections, and provide helpful information in regards to different organisations and procedures in Melbourne (transport, health, job, taxes, food donation and more)