Oliver Matos

Oliver Matos

  • Oliver Matos

I am from Brasil – São Paulo. I am responsible for Brazilian community at Refuge of Hope.


Why did you come to Australia?

I always wanted to have an experience abroad, so I decided to come to Australia for improving my English skills and to make new friends. I chose Australia manly because the weather, despite of Melbourne’s weather is instable it so far better than other cities around the world.


When did you arrive in Australia?

 I arrived in Australia – Sydney on 02/10/15 where I lived for 4 months after expend 2 weeks on holiday in Melbourne, I feel in love for this beautiful city, I arrived in Melbourne on 01/02/16.


What do you miss most about your home country?



What is your favourite thing about Australia?

The Australian life style


How did you first find out about the Refuge of Hope?

I was told about Refuge of Hope though a Colombian friend who invited me to go to Christmas party



What do you do for the Refuge of Hope?

I am responsible for Brazilian community at Refuge of Hope


What does the Refuge of Hope mean to you?

Refuge of Hope is a home far away from home!


What is the best thing about the Refuge of Hope?

Can understand that each one holds the transformation to change someone’s world.