About Us


Refuge of Hope is a non-profit organisation in partnership with Scanlon Foundation. Our mission is to assist the wellbeing of immigrants, refugees and international students from Latin America living in Melbourne.

Why Us?

There are over 15,000 Latin American people living in the vibrant and engaging city of Melbourne. Sadly many of these people will experience a sense of hopelessness, helplessness and total isolation or face personal tragedy. The immediate sense of being a long way from home, feeling overwhelmed and with limited support networks is common.

At Refuge of Hope, we understand the needs of these immigrants, international students and refugees and will do everything in our power through the Latin American Immigrants and Students Program (LAISP) to ensure these people are supported in a time of crisis. We would like to ensure that they have a positive and vibrant experience in Australia.

Students and new migrants can rely upon our organisation for guidance, advice and support on a range of issues including personal welfare, social and emotional needs, homelessness, financial guidance, general safety and security.